Traffic Racer 1.4 Update Released!

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Hi again, Today, Traffic Racer is updated to version 1.4. This update adds 3 new cars, new features, gameplay and graphics improvements. This update is especially important because now the “two-way” mode is actually playable. Moreover, since the view distance now depends on your speed, it’s more playable at high speeds like 190 km/h. I really hope you like this update. Here is the full changelog:

- Added 3 new cars
- Added 1 new rim
- Added auto acceleration option

- Two-way mode is now easier.
- View distance is slightly increased and now depends on speed
- Slightly increased cash income
- Driving in the opposite direction now gives extra cash
- Max overtake bonus now depends on current speed
- Slightly decreased sensitivity at higher handling levels
- Decreased the traffic’s overcrowding rate

- Added anti-aliasing for newer devices.
- Improved texture quality at car selection menu
- Improved texture quality on traffic cars
- Added high speed and camera shake effects
- Slightly polished car selection screen

- Added exhaust flame sounds
- Added countdown where the game is resumed
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements