More news from update 1.6

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Update 1.6 is coming very soon. In the mean time, let’s play a little ‘spot the difference’ game. This screenshot below shows 5 new features/improvements. One is obviously the new car. Can you spot the other 4 ? Let’s see who has the sharpest eyes :)

Let's speed up a bit...

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I hope you like sharks, because in the next update you will have one :)

Traffic Racer 1.5 Update is out!

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Hi again, Traffic Racer 1.5 update is now available on the App Store.

Download Link:

Here is the full list of changes:

- Added 1 new location (City Night)
- Added 2 new cars
- Now you can watch & share your game replays (only for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and above)

- Improved overall quality of car selection screen
- Renewed all the rims
- Improved the model quality of some cars

- Renewed engine sounds of some cars
- Relocated the arrow buttons in auto acc. mode
- Performance optimizations
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements


Check out the new Gameplay Trailer for Update 1.5

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The new update is already submitted to the App Store. While waiting for the Apple’s approval, let’s check the new gameplay trailer, featuring the brand new city night location. Enjoy!

The car you are waiting for...

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The 1.5 update is going to be huge… and will be available in 2-3 weeks from now. Here is one of the most wanted cars of the next update. More news to come soon… keep driving :)

Some graphical improvements

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The next update will bring a better model of challenger and some graphical improvements in the car selection menu. Stay tuned for more news!

New Car for the Upcoming Update

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A sneak peek from the upcoming car that will be available in the next update.

Traffic Racer 1.4 Update Released!

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Hi again, Today, Traffic Racer is updated to version 1.4. This update adds 3 new cars, new features, gameplay and graphics improvements. This update is especially important because now the “two-way” mode is actually playable. Moreover, since the view distance now depends on your speed, it’s more playable at high speeds like 190 km/h. I really hope you like this update. Here is the full changelog:

- Added 3 new cars
- Added 1 new rim
- Added auto acceleration option

- Two-way mode is now easier.
- View distance is slightly increased and now depends on speed
- Slightly increased cash income
- Driving in the opposite direction now gives extra cash
- Max overtake bonus now depends on current speed
- Slightly decreased sensitivity at higher handling levels
- Decreased the traffic’s overcrowding rate

- Added anti-aliasing for newer devices.
- Improved texture quality at car selection menu
- Improved texture quality on traffic cars
- Added high speed and camera shake effects
- Slightly polished car selection screen

- Added exhaust flame sounds
- Added countdown where the game is resumed
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements



Traffic Racer 1.3 Update Released!

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Good news from Traffic Racer! It just got a new update! This update brings amazing new content and improvements. Here is the full changelog:

* Added a new drivable truck!
* Added a new game mode : Two Way Endless
* Added two new leaderboards : Max Combo and Distance
* Various improvements and bug fixes

Also we have a new trailer released with this update. Check it out!

Traffic Racer needs your votes - 2012 App of the Year Awards

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Hi all, Traffic Racer has made the Top 50 of 2012 App of the Year Awards by SlideDB. Now, you can vote for Traffic Racer to make it the best app the year! Thanks.

Traffic Racer on SlideDB